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out of my mind

back in five minutes

why do i need a title? it says bio right up there.

i am a sarcastic, cynical, feminist goofball. i talk to myself on a regular basis and enjoy a good microbrew.

i've really been enjoying bones since i got into it early in the third season, but i only got involved in the fanfic community during the writers' strike. bad for the series, great for fic writers because it seems like whenever there are holes and weaknesses, we get to step up to fill in the gaps.

am also mad about supernatural, syfy's alice and primeval. (why yes, i am currently harboring a big ol crush on andrew-lee potts and that damn dimple)

i have been very busy with work lately, but in my free time, i'm a musician, fic writer, icon maker, tweaker of porny manips, and snark hound. seems that i write a lot of crackfic lately and bunches of smut. oh, let's not forget the kink. i am co-founder of the spectacular and spicy kinkinthebones. (comm page is tres NSFW, just so you know)

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