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i, like many others here, post a fair amount about personal life on my lj. all of my fanfic and any meetings of FWA will be public posts, other than that (including Horny Lucy Tuesdays) all posts will be f-locked.
i haven't posted on here in ages, but i needed to get out some thoughts on the hunger games trilogy.

cut for spoilers of all three booksCollapse )

[Fic] Must Be a Death Wish

Title: Must Be a Death Wish
Author: bea_tricks 
Pairing: Arthur/Ariadne
Rating: R for language. (Because, inside his head, Arthur swears like a sailor.)
Summary: Takes place during the film. Arthur has a tea party with his inner fatalist.

Why the #*$% do I work with Cobb?Collapse )

shamy dance

 sorry for spamming your flist page with a gif, but... no, okay i'm not very sorry at all.  this kills.  :)

a gazillion and a half icons, NSFW

i wanted to post these for valentines day.  look how that went.  :)
44 icons of various origin.  largely Primeval, and some random kinky stuff (reposted icons from my bones days that you probably haven't seen).  best not to open at work.  the usual: please credit, please don't hotlink, textless icons aren't bases.  comments are much appreciated.  enjoy!


fucking broken record

oh hai castle, way to be unique and make fun of fangirls.  much obliged.  the world must be reminded that we are all creepy at best.

srsly, we need academic psychological explanations for the hobbies we have in order to be considered balanced individuals?  i live in a place that breeds these stereotypes, i'm in the very industry.  is it any wonder why i choose to remain in the closet?  maybe some day, if the news of being a fangirl wasn't potentially damaging to my career, i'd say something about it.  as it is, i'm stuck with having spent my evening "reading some generic book that i don't want to discuss," or "writing a too-personal-to-share short story," or "catching up on the blogs of friends i've met from message boards about nothing in particular."


Primeval Fic: Not Alright

Title: Not Alright
Author: bea_tricks  
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Abby/Connor, Lester
Words: yes.  it's one of those stories with words.
Rating: M (I was initially planning on T, but Connor got very insistent)
Summary: For the first time, Abby could understand how Helen could have gone as mad as she had. Living in the past was a challenge, but coming back was a million years away from simple.
A/N: So I wrote most of this back when 4x02 first aired, but only got the drive to polish it up and post now.  You can assume it pops in around ep 2, no spoilers after that point.  I just wanted some explanation as to why Abby almost never smiles anymore.

When people asked how she was, she always replied the same way: "I'm alright."Collapse )
32 primeval icons from, well all over the place really, but there's a bunch from 4x06.  the usual: please credit, please don't hotlink, textless icons aren't bases.  comments are much appreciated.  if i have time i'll do a kinky icon post for valentines day, but i'll be travelling, so gotta see.

hair porn is muchly inspired by epetrus 's "lick here" icon.


 was so excited by the jenny appearance. she's so damn iconable.Collapse )


23 More Primeval Icons & a couple gifs

more icons, all from 4x01 thru 4x03, including some requests from final_precipice , aylabones , and a hilarious quote from futureperfect 's recap post.

please credit, please don't hotlink, textless icons aren't bases.  and if you muuuuuust comment, i won't hold it against you.  ;)



click for bootylicious abby, eyebrow!connor, a little duncan, matt, becker, and a computer screen. you know the one.Collapse )


16 Primeval Icons & bonus gif

i come bearing a new batch of icons!  and one gif.  i have more on the docket, but i thought i'd post what i've got done at the moment.  i'm using stuff from eps thru 4x02, but there aren't really any spoilers.

you know the usual stuff: credit me pls, no hotlinking, textless icons aren't bases.  i sprinkle comments on my ice cream, they're so tasty.  if you've got an idea you'd like me to take a shot at, lemme know.  enjoy!



click for icons of abby, connor, becker, and a dodoCollapse )



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